65 comfy and stylish dining room design


The main function of the restaurant is to eat, and it is also a place to contact with family members for life and feelings. Today, I want to share some knowledge about the decoration of the restaurant

The decoration of the restaurant should conform to three principles: 1. Quiet, sanitary and comfortable; 2. Independence; 3. Reasonable moving line, which can be connected with the kitchen. If the use space is limited, you can plan according to the actual situation, and the restaurant designed according to your life plan is really suitable for you.

Large house type has enough space for a free layout. When designing, it can match tableware, decoration, furniture, etc. independently to form a ceremonial space. And independent restaurants can also let children develop good eating habits and etiquette.

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The table and chair are placed at a distance of 80cm from the wall, which is convenient to pull out the chair and has a relatively loose dining environment. Choose a round table or square table according to the proportion of the length and width of the living room to plan. If the width is not enough, choose a long table better. The round table relatively takes up some space.

The dining room layout only uses one chandelier to be able to give the dining table the air very well, creates a warm room atmosphere. The common size of single head chandeliers in restaurants is 35-50cm in diameter. When two or three chandeliers are combined, their diameter should not exceed 40cm. Ensure the overall coordination of a space.