29 Fabulous Makeup Ideas To Try This Year


How should ability let eye makeup not so fast faint? Is it necessary to use eye cream? The secret of not taking off make-up for the eyes is actually eye cream, which can save the human tragedy of the giant panda.

Eye foundation cream is necessary, especially for those who are prone to dizziness. General eye shadow on the eyelid adhesion will be limited, so the problem of color removal is particularly common. If you use a suitable eye base cream before makeup, you can not only make eye shadow more coloured, but also make eye improvement.

Eye primer is the eye make-up front cream. Its most important role is to make eye makeup easier to apply, more color, protect color and prevent dizziness. Brighten your eyelids, enhance Eyeshadow color and durability, maintain makeup effect, reduce the occurrence of dot, halo, darkening and color makeup, and make your eye makeup more natural and lasting.

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Before eye makeup. Use your own sponge stick to dip a proper amount, smear it on the upper and lower eyelids, and then use your fingers to dye it evenly. You don’t need to smear too much.

Japan’s top makeup artist told me that before making up, I could massage my face with my fingers, then use isolation or sunscreen to extend my forehead and cheek. This can not only protect against sun, but also make the skin shiny.