28+ Ideas Cookies Decorated Flowers Biscuits For 2020


It’s a lovely flower biscuit. Moreover, it’s very simple to make. It doesn’t need any technical tools and few tools. It can be said that it’s a zero failure biscuit. The taste is very crisp and fragrant, and the taste is instant.

The shape biscuit is easy to make, but it does not lose the beautiful appearance and the state of materials. The butter and flour are stirred and mixed, and the shape can be pressed out with the favorite mold and then sent to the oven. The results after being put into the furnace are also mastered. You don’t need to worry that they will be far from what you think they are. The appearance when you put them into the furnace is the final result.

Cooking skills

1. After adding sugar powder to butter, mix it manually first to avoid sugar powder flying during the beating process;

2. When adding the egg liquid several times, pay attention to wait until the egg liquid is fully integrated into the butter, and then add the next egg liquid;

3. After the refrigerated dough is taken out, knead it evenly by hand and then roll it out, otherwise, the rolled out dough surface will have an uneven distribution.

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Crispy and delicious biscuits. The snacks bought outside contain all kinds of additives, which always make people worry about their children’s health. Bake some biscuits to serve as snacks for their children, which is easy to operate without failure.

We have collected the design inspiration of 28 kinds of flower biscuits, which you can collect for the next time you make flower biscuits.