27+ Wonderful Photo of Birthday Cakes ideas to inspire your next birthday celebrations


You’ve seen these creative cakes, and I’m sure you’ll be amazed when you see them. Trust me. In the afternoon tea time, I believe that many people will go to have some snacks. It’s the happiest to have a cake in the afternoon tea time. I believe that many girls like cake very much,

Especially the layer of cream on the cake is everyone’s favorite. Cake is the favorite of many girls. Generally, the making of cake is simple materials such as flour, eggs and cream.

Most of the cakes we usually eat are very big ones for birthdays, or some small ones with lovely shapes. Have you ever heard of turning sugar cakes? Now more and more desserts are making this kind of cake. It’s for people to watch, not for you to eat. And now there are a lot of sugar cake contests. There is also a star in the entertainment circle who likes to make sugar cake very much.

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Nowadays, the sugar cake has many novel shapes. As long as you have good imagination, you can make any shapes. You can see more inspiration from the pictures.

Today we are making a chocolate cream cake. This simple looking cake is not easy to make. The difficulty lies in a simple cake, including baking, demoulding, slicing, light cream plastering, mounting and transfer of Qifeng embryo. But when you make this cake, you can basically make any cream cake you want