27+ Super hair braids messy plaits Ideas


Girls always have a continuous stream of research on hair style. How to make a better hair style? In fact, there are so many ways to make hair. After enough research and development, it’s not technology, but the keen sense of fashion, and the control of the overall effect!

For girls with long hair, they always like to play with more patterns when combing. For the twist and transformation of the braided hair, the hair combed on the top of the hair should be full and three-dimensional. The key factor for making the braided hair is the fluffy degree

When girls do curly hair, few of them do it. They usually make it to the edge. Braided hair: the slanted braided hair is on the side of the head shape, and then the braided hair is made down the head shape. Once the two braids are braided together, they are folded again.

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Make the hair with braided hair, make the hair on the top of the hair into three braids and braid. The hair on both sides is specially reserved to make the hair more layered. The original pattern of three braided hair is not many, but it can be different with a few simple steps.